CAHMP faculty, researchers, and students span six units from George Mason University:
  1. ​the Volgenau School of Engineering (VSE)
  2. the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD)
  3. the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)
  4. the College of Sciences (COS)
  5. the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA)
  6. the Schar School of Policy and Government
VSE members cover the departments of Computer Science (Shehu, Barbar, Yu), Information Sciences and Technology (Purohit, Zhang), Statistics (Qiao), and Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering (Lattanzi).
These members bring their expertise in (explainable) AI, adaptive optimization, active machine learning, data mining, big data informatics and scalable machine learning, cybersecurity, disaster and health informatics, human-AI collaborations for smart cities, interpretable and generative deep learning, event forecasting and spatio-temporal modeling, statistical inference, high-dimensional data analysis and visualization, robotics, structural engineering, computational design, virtual reality, spatial computing, human-centered computing, cognitive science, and more.​
This expertise is currently organized around the following threads of research:​
  • Partnerships for Social Good
  • Smart, Human-Centered Engineering Design
  • Virtual Reality Simulations for Workforce Training
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Personalized Learning
  • Trust, Ethics, Partnership Structures
  • Socio-Economic Impacts
  • Health Monitoring, Exergaming, Passive Preclinical Detection
  • Impact of Human Behavior on Cyber Security
  • Resilience of Cyber systems to Human Behavior
  • Robust and Adaptive Cyber-Human System Collapse