Humans and machines must be able to communicate seamlessly while dynamically learning from each other in a personalized context, and they must do so within a collaborative framework that engenders trust and ethical conduct.


There is great social anxiety regarding human-machine partnerships, prompting fundamental questions on our role, individually and collectively. The mission of CAHMP is to transform social anxiety into social resonance by pursuing convergent research on how to restructure and optimize reciprocal relationships between humans and assistive computing systems.


CAHMP is a catalyst of convergent, interdisciplinary, and fundamental research on human-machine partnership dynamics, focusing on: (1) Intuitive communication (2) Adaptive interactivity (3) Ethical partnership (4) Cross-cutting societal impacts


  1. Fundamentally transform human-machine partnerships via convergent research
  2. Build research capacity by student training and development
  3. Contribute open-source software platforms, tools, and data
  4. Better our community and the broader society via discoveries shaping the future of work, education, and cross-cutting social, economic, political, and health infrastructure and policy.